Does Rainwater Cause Damage to hair?

Especially the Initial rain brings the pollutants from air and brings down. Wetting on the Initial rain causes the Shafts bonds weak and make the hair dull and hair fall. Especially in the monsoon, everyone should take care of hair and feet. During the Season is subject to attack fungal.

Ignore to get drenched in rainwater it will damage the hair and keep frizzy and weakens the root. Every damages to the hair are depends on the water level. Initial acid rain is the showers of toxic and acidic emission. The Emission will change to acids with humidity; this mixture will cause the hair cuticle and make it rough, dull and sticky.

What rain does to your Hair?

Rainwater is called to be pure and clean. But in certain situations when exposing hair in rainwater causes the hair damage. When hair gets wet in the monsoon will allow bacteria propagate in the moisture environment. The residual dust moisture will affect the roots and weaken the hair.

Already monsoons are humid and make the hair frizzy when draining in rain the rainwater damaging your hair than more as scalp infections. Due to Humidity and drench in rain hair will tend to lose the nutrients.

What is the entire Regimen for Hair in the monsoon?

Drenched in Rain is so much joy and we ignore the forth challenges begins. How does Rain Water affect hair? It’s by humid climates, fungal infections getting wet and spoils.

Tips to do after drenched in Rain

After get wet in rain, Bath in warm water and dry thoroughly your body and skin before wearing clothes.

  • Regularly wash your feet with a soap-bar to be aware of the fungal attack.
  • Use Moisture cream for feet and Moisture hair by using conditioner.
  • Use neem to wash your hair, it’s an anti-bacterial property.

Rainwater Cause Damage to hair

What are the Tips to prevent hair from Rain?

Shielding our hair in all seasons is not possible. An instant of that everyone will know the monsoon session carry an umbrella it prevents hair from the UV rays and rain.

  • Go for a hair cut to avoid getting dirt and split ends.
  • Don’t Use many styling products on the rainy season, when getting wet in rain the beauty product it causes more damages as piling hair with chemicals.
  • If you drenched in rainwater on hair, Use the fingers to blow and dry. And cover hair by dry towel gently.