What are the risk factors for hair in Humidity?

Around us, water is filled in the form of gas in the air. Humidity is the Air which contains the amount of water vapor. It plays an important role in weather daily. It’s also universal reactant for frizzy in hair.

Humidity makes the hair combat dry in frizz-factor. Humidity causes the combination of unpleasant limp and frizzy effects for bad hair. The season makes is so difficult to break their health of the hair. It’s hard to maintain the hair in a great look. Humidity makes curly frizzy hair, Damages the dry hair, and causes fine hair to become limb.

How to prevent frizzy hair in humid weather?

After the Rainy season, humidity takes over and distracts your hair turns to short disastrous. During this humidity weather, everyone should take more care of hair. Here are the simple and easy steps to help on maintaining the frizzy hair.

Moisturizing your hair will dehydrate and absorbs moisture nutrients and become smooth. After moisturizing don’t blow your hair. Using cold water is a better way to wash hair. Cold water keeps them intact. Use Mild Conditioning after Shampoo.

Dry your hair gently by a wet towel or using your fingers. Don’t over-combing the hair after stepping out of the shower. Use a Smoothing hair product of serums that coat the hair shaft.

Tie your hair is the favorite thing to save hair from humidity and saves the locks. Regular oiling will help to protect hair from dull and lifeless.

The above pieces of information keep hair from curling and frizzy. The methods will help all hair types and effectively works on.

How to fight with frizzy hair?

Everyone has the love on Straight look hair. But the weather and polluted surroundings affect the hair in different ways. Battle with humidity weather to keep hair healthy is a long process.  Here you can read the tips for keep hair straight in humidity as follows.

  • Heat Appliances with the less heat make the frizzy hair standard into worse.
  • Moisture the Hair with warm heat oil to keep hair nourished in the night before going to bed.
  • Braid your hair while sleeping it reduces the frizzy and gets slightly straighten.
  • Wash your hair with the natural oils and mild dry shampoo.

The above pieces of information will keep your hair straight in humid weather by practicing continuously. The regular practice of the steps will straighten the hair in a particular period of time else you may use a hair straightener to straighten your hair.